(Fade to the beach. Norman and Toby are walking near the castle. Norman is playing his flute.)

Norman stops playing. "That voice. I can't get it out of my head." said Norman. "I've looked everywhere, Toby? Where could she be?

On the other side of rocks, Olivia is washed up. Donald and Iago are exhausted. Olivia lifts her right leg and long, skinny tail, wags it, and is amazed. Mickey runs over to Olivia and lands on her leg.

"Well, look at what the catfish dragged in! Look at ya! Look at ya!" said Mickey in amazement. "There's something different. Don't tell me, I got it. It's your fur-do, right? You've been using the dinglehopper, right?" Olivia shakes her head "No? No huh, well let me see." Mickey looks at one of her feet. "New seashells? Olivia thinks for a minutes and then shakes her head again. "No new seashells." Olivia bounces her leg, making him jiggle up and down, which annoys Iago. "I gotta admit I can't put my foot on it right now, but if I just stand here long enough, I know that I'll..."

"SHE'S GOT LEGS AND A TAIL, YOU IDIOT!" Iago yelled. Mickey jumps off and lands on a flat rock. "She traded her voice to the Mouse Queen and got legs and a tail! Jeez, man!" "I knew that." said Mickey irritably. Olivia attempts to get up, but her legs wobble, and she loses her balance.

"Olivia's been turned into a normal mouse. She's gotta make the English boy mouse fall in love with her, and he's gonna... he's gonna kiss her." said Donald.

"And she's only got three days." Iago complained. Olivia falls back into the water, splashing Donald, Iago, and Mickey with water and seaweed. Olivia finally stands up and gets the seaweed off of herself. "Just look at her. On legs with a tail. On normal mouse legs with a normal mouse tail!" He gasps "My nerves are shot. This is a catastrophe! What would her father say? I'll tell you what her father'd say, he'd say he's gonna kill himself a circus mouse, that's what her father'd say!" He marches into the water, but Olivia scoops him up and shakes her head at him. "I'm gonna march myself straight home right now and tell him just like I shoulda done the minute, and don't you shake your head at me, young lady. Maybe there's still time. If we could get that octopus to give you back your voice, you could go home with all the normal fish, and just be..." Olivia looks at him with a sad face. "just be... just be miserable for the rest of your life. All right, all right. I'll try to help you find that English boy." Olivia becomes happy and kisses him. Then she sets him back on the rock. "Boy. What a softie I'm turning out to be."

Mickey walks over to a dry rock and grabs a pair of white panties and a blue miniskirt with a red plaid pattern.

"Now, Olivia, I'm tellin' ya, if you wanna be a normal mouse, the first thing you gotta do is dress like one." says Mickey. "Now lemme see."

Meanwhile, Norman is still with Toby. Toby sniffs at Olivia and gets excited.)

"Toby? Huh? What? Toby!" cries Norman.

At last, Olivia is wearing white panties and blue plaid miniskirt with her tank top and hair-bow. Mickey whistles like a wolf. "You look great, kid. You look sensational!" Suddenly, they hear Toby. He arrives and chases Olivia up on a rock.

"Toby! Toby! Quiet, Toby! What's gotten into you, fella?" Norman sees Olivia. "Oh. Oh, I see. Are you O.K., miss? I'm sorry if this knucklehead scared you. He's harmless, really." chuckled Norman. "You seem very familiar to me. Have we met? We have met! I knew it! You're the one...the one I've been looking for! What's your name?" Olivia mouths, "Olivia," but no words come out. She places her hand on her neck and cringes in anxiety. "What's wrong? What is it? You can't speak?" Olivia shakes her head. Oh. Then you couldn't be who I thought. Toby and Olivia both look frustrated. She starts to pantomime. "What is it? You're hurt? No? No. You need help?" She collapses into his arms.

"Whoa, whoa, careful, careful, easy. Gee, you must have really been through something. Don't worry, I'll help you. Come on. Come on, you'll be okay." He takes Olivia to the castle while she is still limping.

Eventually, Olivia plays in a bubble bath in a tub. She tries to catch a bubble, but it pops just before her eyes.

Pouring a jug of water over her head is a plump mouse with tan fur, blue eyes, a pudgy face, an upturned brown nose, a tiny bucktooth, curvy pink ears, broad shoulders, stout arms, small legs, little hands & feet, and a prominent chin, wearing spectacles, a light blue bonnet, a medium blue dress with puffy sleeves, burgundy stockings, a white apron and bloomers, and small black shoes. Her name is Mrs. Emily Judson.

"Washed up from a shipwreck? Oh, the poor thing. We'll have you feeling better in no time." said Mrs. Judson as she picked up Olivia's tank top, skirt, and panties with Iago hiding in the tank top) I'll just...I'll just get these washed for you. (Timothy is getting dunked in a mammoth bucket of soapy water. He resurfaces and spits out the water.)

" Well, you must have at least heard about this, girls." said a washerwoman.

"No!" said another washerwoman, not noticing Iago being washed too. "... since when has Gertrude gotten anything right?" Iago burps up soap bubbles before the second washerwoman hangs him, the tank top, the skirt and the panties on the line. "I mean really, this girl shows up in rags and doesn't speak..."

"Madame, please!" cried Iago.

"...Not my idea of a princess." said a third washerwoman. "If Norman's looking for a girl, I know a couple of highly available ones right here.

Iago is thrown into the kitchen and sees fish, squid, and octopus cooking. To his surprise, he sees three dead crabs stuffed with bread crumbs. He faints.

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