The Mouse Avenger Productions presents

Fievel Pan

A spoof of Walt Disney's 1953 animated classic "Peter Pan"

With the voices of

Frankie Jonas as Fievel Mousekewitz

Elle Fanning as Princess Cholena

Leeza Miller as the singing voice of Princess Cholena

Hayden Rolence as Bambi

E.G. Daily as Gideon

Tara Strong as Lahwhinie and Teresa Brisby

John Cleese as Cat R. Waul

Jon Lovitz as T.R. Chula

Frank Welker as Dragon the Cat and Fifi

John Sturtridge as Norman Frierson

Jason Marsden as Martin Brisby

Billy West as Pixie and Dixie

Daniel Kerr as Scotty Doneeta

Kit Connor as Kay Frierson

Peter Strauss as Captain Justin

Minnie Driver as Jane Porter

B.D. Wong as Li Shang

Chorus: The second star to the right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dream you plan
It really can come true
The second star to the right
Shines with a light so rare
'And if it's Neverland you need
Its light will lead you there

Woman Voice: Twinkle, twinkle little star
So we'll know where you are
Gleaming in the skies above
Send us to the land we dream of

Chorus: And when our journey is through
Each time we say good night
We will thank the lucky star that shines
The second to the right