That afternoon, under the twilight sky, The sun was high up in the sky, sending off rays of orange and pink hues in the sky as declaration music wafted through the town.

Outside of the palace an extravagant boat was floating lazily above the water, little red flags poked out from the wood slowly started leaving the docks with Norman, Joanna and a few others onboard. On the dock, Olivia (wearing her blue dress with the white collar, short baby blue sleeves, forest green bodice, and light blue waistband, white tights, and black ballet flats from yesterday, along with her red hair-bow and white panties) poked her head from a pillar and eventually stood beside it, trying to get a better look of the boat leaving. Olivia was absolutely horrified at how Norman dumped her for Joanna. She didn’t know how or why he would do that, especially after the special day he had with her, but with Norman planning to marry Joanna, and the sun close to setting on the third day, her final day of being human, things were now hopeless for the girl. As the boat floated away she leaned against the pillar in frustration and sadness as her back slid down the pillar. she crashed to the ground, covered her clouded eyes as she sighed sadly, and starting sobbing. Iago quietly scuttled toward the heartbroken princess as her head laid on her knees. Iago bit his lip, feeling terrible for what had happened to his friend. He felt guilt for having failed in helping Olivia win Norman’s heart. Olivia looked up from her knees as tears came to her eyes but she blinked them back, but she couldn't stop one of the smallest ones from dropping into the water below her, sending ripples throughout the water. Mickey and Donald, having heard of Norman dumping Olivia for Joanna, looked up from where the tear had come from, and tears slid down their cheeks as they cried silently for their friend. They now felt that they were going to lose their best friend to the mouse queen forever.

Meanwhile, above the ship, Bill walked from the sky happily and quite chirpy as he began singing and humming "The Wedding March" loudly to himself.

But as he sang to himself, he heard a familiar voice coming from the ship. It was Olivia's. Bill stopped singing abruptly as he heard the charming female voice singing as well, He perched on a ledge on the ship and looked on into the circular window. But this voice wasn’t coming from Olivia. It was coming from Joanna singing to herself as she combed her hair.

Joanna: What a lovely little bride I'll make
My dear, I'll look divine

Joanna was in the dressing room. She was now wearing white frilly, ankle-length pantalettes, a matching camisole with a forest green ribbon attached to the chest, and black ballet flats.

Joanna: Things are working out
According to my ultimate design

Joanna sang as she then took out one of her hair needles and threw it to the mirror's wooden frame, hitting the angel on the frame right between the eyes. Bill gulped in fear, not liking this girl and how she was acting.

Joanna: Soon I'll have that little mermouse
And the ocean will be mine!

She climbed onto her dressing table, stepping down onto the perfume bottles and vase as she grabbed the mirror.

Joanna looked into the mirror while cackling evilly. To Bill's horror, he saw Selene the Mouse Queen in Joanna’s reflection. Realizing who Joanna really was, Bill gasped. "The mouse queen!" He widened his eyes and shook his head as he looked on. Bill walked a few inches from the window. "Oh no, she's gonna...I gotta..."

He got ready to fly and instead accidentally flew into the wooden part of the boat with a ding. He shook his dazed self and flew off into the correct direction back towards the deck at the palace as fast as he could.

"Olivia!" he yelled into the sky, as he flapped his arms harder, "Olivia!" He caught sight of a bitter Scottish-British girl mouse perched on a pier, her hands were clasped together as she wore a frown on her face. He flew down beside the girl, then he landed panting on the dock and attempting to explain the situation. Olivia raise an eyebrow and turned to face the lizard.

"Olivia," he said, trying to make sense while Iago waited for him to cut to the chase. "I was walking, I wa...of course I was walking. And I s...I saw that the watch...the witch was watching in the mirror, and she was singing with a set of stolen pipes!" He struggled to find the words and he threw his arms up in exasperation. Olivia shook her head softly as she was listening.

Then Bill grabbed Iago as he shook the annoyed parrot, and looked him in both eyes, through clenched teeth, screaming, "Do you hear what I'm tellin' you? THE PRINCE IS MARRYING THE MOUSE QUEEN IN DISGUISE!" He then, unintentionally, smashed Iago onto the deck of the pier repeatedly, before letting the parrot go.

Olivia gasped upon hearing this, went into shock and looked at the ship and her brown eyes widened. Iago was a little skeptical. "Are you sure about this?" he asked, as he rubbed the back of his sore head.

"Have I ever been wrong?" Bill asked, as Mickey, Donald, and Iago looked at each other, "I mean when it's important!"

"What are we gonna do!?" asked Donald.

Olivia quickly got up and saw the ship heading further out at sea as the sun began setting over the horizon. She could hear the mouse queen's words in her head as she saw the sun setting. "Before the sun sets on the third day!"

She still had time...but not much of it.

With a determined look on her face, Olivia ran to the edge of the dock and dove into the water but had trouble swimming well. seeing this Iago looked around for something for Olivia then used his beak to snap some rope of a bunch of barrels which fell onto the water's surface before she drowned.

"Olivia, grab on to that." he told her.

She obeyed and grabbed a barrel that still had a piece of rope tied to it.

"Mickey, Donald, get her to that boat as fast as your arms and legs can carry you!" said Iago.

"We'll try." said Mickey. He and Donald got into the rope attached to the barrel Olivia held for them and started to swim them all towards the direction of the ship with all their might.

"I've gotta get to the American boy mouse. He must know about this." said Iago. He bit his wings.

"What - What about me? What about ME?" cried Bill desperately.

It snapped Iago out of his daze. Iago turned to him slowly with his brows furrowed. "You - find a way to STALL THAT WEDDING!"

And with that, he jumped into the water and made his way to Atlantica.

Bill nodded and took off. "Stall the wedding. Wh- what am I - what -" He thought before having an idea. "That's it!" Bill flew into the air and started shouting loudly.

Bill flew to the lagoon where they were last night and shouted as loud as he could. These noises were getting many creatures’ attentions. Some bluebirds watched Bill and realized that someone needed help. They started flying after Bill as some animals joined him as well.

Bill's shouting caught the attention of some lobsters, starfish, dolphins, and sea lions.

"Move it, let's go, we got an emergency here!" shouted Bill as he flew off towards the ship with the rally of animals and fish following him.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Joanna walked alongside Norman, secretly under her control as they slowly walked down the aisle together to the wedding priest.

Norman was now wearing a royal dark red ball coat with gold buttons and epaulettes, navy blue pants with gold lining, a brown Sam Browne belt with a gold buckle, white opera gloves, a gold crown, matching cuffs, and shiny black shoes.

Joanna was now wearing a yellow dress with short, puffy light blue sleeves (decorated with magenta hairlines), a white collar sticking out from the back, and a dark blue bodice (similar to Snow White's dress), a white petticoat, and tan pumps with yellow bows, along with her white pantalettes and camisole.

Anyway, all the mice smiled as the duo walked, but Toby, who was in the audience with Basil, was growling at Joanna with a hated look. Joanna's upper lip was brought up in disgust as she kicked him in the face, making Toby whimper as he hid behind Basil, who also looked frightened. Then she continued to walk with Norman with a satisfied look on her face until they reached the the Archdeacon Owl from "The Prince and the Pauper" at the end. He was reading a book. "Dearly beloved..." said the Archdeacon Owl.

Not far away, Mickey and Donald were still pulling Olivia towards the ship and started to get closer.

"Don't worry, Olivia." Mickey struggled, "ugh - we - we're gonna make it. We're almost there." he panted out, as he and Donald continued swimming while Olivia held on tighter.

Back on the ship, Norman and Joanna listened to the priest. Joanna peaked over behind them to see the sun was nearly at sunset and smirked evilly. Her success was just minutes away. She turned back to Jim giving him a fake smile

The Archdeacon read from the Bible. "Yes, um, do you, Norman Frierson, take Joanna, to be your lawfully wedded wife, for as long as you both shall live?"

Norman, completely under Joanna's spell, gazed forward blankly and spoke without emotion. "I do." he said.

"Eh, and do you . . ." began the Archdeacon Owl, but before Joanna could say yes, she heard Bill shouting another war cry and she turned. She saw Bill flying right towards her with an army of bluebirds. Joanna ducked, dodging the attack, but the bird fleet came back and flew underneath the startled Joanna's legs. Toby started barking as the wedding turned chaotic. The invitees screamed and ran amock on the ship as the women held their dresses tighter and toppled over as the birds came flying from under their dresses and skirts. Some sea lions got on the ship and advanced towards Joanna. Joanna looked up only to be splashed with water as a few pelicans dropped gobs of water on her three times, the first time the flyers dropped water contained nothing, the second time the flyers dropped water contained green fish, the third time the flyers dropped water contained lobsters. One of them then pinched Joanna's nose making her scream out in pain as the starfish threw themselves at her attaching to her as the last starfish attached itself to her mouth.

". . . then by the power inves-" The Archdeacon Owl tried to continue reading in the midst of the chaos.

"Get away from me you slimy little-" shouted Joanna as she pulled the starfish off her, but stopped with a scream as a sea lion started bounced her up and down.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ship Olivia, Mickey, and Donald had arrived. Mickey and Donald stopped to catch their breath while Olivia started to climb up the pole on the side of the ship, while Olivia climbed up. The sea lions started to pass Joanna to each other until one tossed Joanna into the cake, destroying the food and platters as Olivia got onboard and watched in shock. Joanna growled in frustration as she got to her feet covered in cake then turned to the edge where three dolphins jumped out of the water and squirted Joanna with water in her face while Bill then squawked loudly right in front of Joanna's face angering her further.

"Oh, why you little-" Joanna began, as she grabbed Bill by the neck and tried to choke him.

Toby, who wanted some of the action, got out of Basil's grip, broke free of his leash and ran towards Joanna while Bill pulled the conch shell pendant, kicking Joanna in the face as Toby ran over and bit into Joanna’s rear end, making her scream louder and fall backwards. She let go of Bill and the necklace was sent flying towards Olivia. It shattered into pieces right in front of Olivia. The voice trapped inside started flying out. it flew towards Olvia’s neck.

With the necklace broken and the voice free, Norman was free from Joanna’s spell. Norman shook his head, dazed and confused and he watched along with Basil and the guests in surprise, including Joanna, who was angry as the voice returned to it’s rightful place.

The sphere flew back into Olivia's throat as she vocalized with a smile.

Norman heard her voice return and looked at her. "Olivia?"

"Norman!" cried Olivia in joy. 

She smiled back as Toby came over to her, barking. She patted his soft head.

Norman was delighted. "You - you can talk." Norman's smile never left his face as he walked closer to the mouse princess.

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